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Tim working on expandable vinyl record case in garage

Our Story

Over a year ago, I was preparing to fly to an out-of-state music music festival with great exclusive vinyl record pressings. I knew I would buy plenty and they would be special in my collection.

But how to get the record haul of my dreams home without damage?

Cardboard mailer – No, these get bent up in the mail too easily and could easily allow pressure on the records to the point of ring wear, bends, or vinyl damage with my tight luggage packing. Plus, standard mailers are typically for 1 or 2 LPs.

Carry a tote bag? – These make me uneasy without the airplane/airport experience. They offer little-to-no protection against damage. And is this my personal carry-on item now???

Hard shell record case – If I didn’t need to pack anything else, this would work fine. It’ll protect my records. But I am thinking I’ll buy way less than 30-70 records, so why lug around a heavy, bulky case that can fit dozens of records?

Since I could not find an acceptable product for transporting my records, I created one. Introducing RecordKeeper Cases, the patent-pending, expandable travel case that prevents damage and won’t hold you back.


After relentless fine-tuning of the mechanics and measurements in my one-car Florida garage, we are ready to bring this project to the world, intent making our contribution to the aesthetically-pleasing, hassle-free enjoyment of vinyl record listening and collecting.

About Us

RecordKeeper Cases, LLC is owned and operated by Tim & Jessica Olson. We love listening to and collecting vinyl records.

1235 Divi St. San Francisco, CA 92351

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