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Expandable Vinyl Record Cases

RecordKeeper Case next to hi-fi vinyl record turntable
A vinyl record displayed in expanded case

Beautifully designed to keep your vinyl records and album art in mint condition. Expandable, modular, and customizable. Patent Pending.

Travel Case

RecordKeeper was built for the sky/road. Go ahead and pack tightly – with your records protected wherever they can fit – without worry of damage


Home Display

When at home, RecordKeeper can be used as a modern, self-standing record display


I’ve been a music fan my entire life and a record collector for over 10 years. I love vinyl so much, I started my own record label to release records that have had an impact on my life.

I make it a point to visit record stores, music festivals and concerts whenever I can. I needed a way to protect my vinyl purchases while traveling. RecordKeeper is the perfect combination of form and function to protect the monetary and emotional investments found in the records I purchase. It has become a staple in my suitcase or backpack when I travel and I suggest other serious collectors never travel without one.

Luke Bremer

Founder/Owner, WRC Vinyl

Orlando, FL 32822

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